Corporate Team

The Strength Behind Our Momentum

It is the people who really define the quality and the character of an organization. This is the simple maxim that CKB has always believed, followed and implemented. The team at CKB today, is therefore a motivated bunch of logistics professionals who are driven by performance and constantly strive to deliver results that impact a customer’s business positively.


At CKB, it is the quality of its leadership that has given it the edge and stature that it enjoys today, as one of India’s largest and successful logistics business house.

At the helm, CKB has a team of Directors who are hardcore logistics professionals with vast exposure to the challenges of National and International logistics and business deal making. The key Directors themselves hold Customs Certification Certificates, having passed the stringent formal examinations conducted by the Customs Department - Government of India. This team provides leadership, devises strategies and proactively takes decisions to push growth. They bring to CKB fresh perspectives, ensure financial stability and continuity of services.

Today this core leadership team is an active voice on logistics forums and meets. The team is recognised for making valuable contributions by participating in seminars and discussion that shape the Indian logistics industry.


With a quality team at the helm, CKB at the same time also ensured that it nurtured an entire team of management and support staff to take things forward in a professional manner. Composed of senior logistics professionals and multi-functional executive teams working in close co-ordination, the team consistently works to deliver a professional logistics experience with that special personal touch.

Today, the CKB team comprises of over 325 professionals and is growing. Their intensive knowledge of local business conditions, logistics practices, and custom and government regulations, ensures that every customers business is responsibly managed right from query to delivery.